How to make your Headphone Wireless (Even Broken Headphone)- DIY LIFE HACK

How to make your Headphone Wireless (Even Broken Headphone)- DIY LIFE HACK

Hi guys in this video I will share with how you can turn your old wired headphone, even broken headphone into a wireless headphone. I this video i used a broken headphone which wire is chewed by a cat and I successfully turned it into a working wireless headphone.

The Bluetooth audio receiver I used is
The quality of this Bluetooth audio receiver is not good. I suppose to have one laying around so i used it. As always you can find better audio receive.
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  2. if i would’ve plugged in my earphone directly in Bluetooth audio receiver
    even that would work simple and straight…

  3. I want you to know that you’re doing a great job. Next time maybe the
    children will do your thing when they have a best outta waste contest.:):)

  4. useless project, why you cut and soldering earphone wire on 3.5mm audio
    jack? just connect 3.5mm male to female….

  5. ഹെഡ്സെറ്റ് നേരിട്ടു കുത്തിയാൽ പോരെ.

    തുള ഉണ്ടല്ലോ

  6. hey buddy great idea✌👌 can you mention the Bluetooth device’s name that
    you used, because wana try to make such it is very cheap👍

  7. Or perhaps. what you could actually do was to take the bluetooth adapter
    and solder a female 3.5mm cable to it. that way one can connect any
    headphone/earphone to it and enjoy music wirelessly. Thumbs Up! you are a
    great inspiration

  8. Good idea. I have one of those bluetooth modules from AliExpress. But i
    found the audio quality from them was very bad. The DAC might be of poor
    quality. But the idea was great

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