4 Hour Work Week changing my life (aka 4hww success)

4 Hour Work Week changing my life (aka 4hww success)

The beginning of Harris Fellman’s 4 Hour Work Week Success Story. 4hww is a potentially life changing book – see how it’s begining to improve my life. (4hww success)


  1. Here’s your answer: create a project big enough for them to pay attention.
    And get it out of your head that ‘nobody buys your product unless you’re a
    big name’ while you’re at it. That’s an extremely limiting belief.

  2. superb Video Harris 🙂 I’m inspired by Tim’s book as well and have gotten
    them for others too 🙂 So yes its definitely cool. Great kids you got there

  3. Harris, Bravo for taking Tim’s advice (and Michael Gerber’s) to have a
    business rather than a job. Make it work for you. And enjoy the time with
    your beautiful family. Love to all. Steve Markowski MarketingAnalysisOnline
    dot com PS Now that we’ve all discovered video, let’s discover production

  4. I know all about production values. Everything I do is kicked out too fast
    though. Plus, there’s a time and place for everything.

  5. Harris, Good stuff. Educate, motivate and entertain. You do all three with
    excellence. Your kids are almost as beautiful as mine. Almost. After
    reading 4HWW I too decided to expiriment by spending a month in another
    locale. My target is next summer – me and the fam. Thanks, man. …jp
    FlippingHomes dot com

  6. always good to spend time with family. so congrats on the decision.
    Barcelona is fab. Love the place. Great people and great weather. Enjoy.

  7. Your kids are adorable. They can sell anything for you, Harris! I’m
    ordering the book now! Dorothea Carney instant-web-magic dot com

  8. " people use kids as an excuse to not do things " Whaaat? that’s
    unfortunate I look forward to having kids so I CAN do things 🙂 All those
    things you got to do as a kid with your family, like go to theme parks,
    roller costers, haunted houses, waterparks…. you get to do it all over
    again. Can I get an Awwww Yeeeeeaaaaah 😀 !

  9. Being a family man myself I enjoyed the video. I just finished reading a
    book by Leigh Burke who said to check out these videos on 4HWW. Good luck
    to you. I just ordered the audio CDs.

  10. Cool. You want to air this out publicly? Okay. If you ‘read all my emails’
    and ‘listen to me’ – I tell you that I get out there, try try try again.
    I’ve had failures, bad ideas, etc etc. And you know that I got started by
    being completely unknown. So, I’ll never accept "you have to be a big name"
    as an excuse. Especially since everyone I know started at ground zero. I
    think you’ve been a subscriber of mine for about 2 years, right? (I
    recognize your name now that you mention it.)

  11. Baloney. Sorry, but this is baloney. I was completely unknown when I got
    started in business. I’ve reinvented myself a number of times, without
    knowing anyone in the new industries – and without anyone knowing me. This
    is a LIMITING BELIEF and not a fact. It’s the justification you’re
    accepting for the results you didn’t get — but it’s not the real reason.
    It could be any number of things – but it’s not just because you’re "not a
    big name". Harris

  12. (It feels like you’re shifting the blame *TO ME* btw — which I certainly
    don’t think is fair. I appreciate you buying products that I’ve recommended
    — but that’s not an action. That’s just information.) So, what actions
    have you taken over the last 2 years?

  13. 6 years later (wow) – there’ve been some ups and downs with the business
    and other things in life… but we managed to do some more travelling here
    and there with the kids and are now experiencing life in Costa Rica with
    the family for at least a year

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