2017 There’s a Hack for That Boxed Calendar

Product Description

Discover great shortcuts for things like household tasks, social life, work, and technology to make the little things in life even better ― and more fun!

Did you know what air freshener kills ants without toxic fumes?
Or that adding vinegar to your water when boiling eggs makes them easy to peel?

Now you do...and you'll discover that and so much more with this practical calendar that is a day-by-day guide that uncovers many time-and money-saving solutions for everyday problems.

Tips Like:
• If you drop something small but can't seem to find it. Put stockings over a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the area where you may have lost it.
• If you are stuck in a maze, touch the right hand wall. If you follow this wall without breaking contact, you will eventually make it out of the maze.
• Freezing aloe vera in an ice cube tray can provide instant sunburn relief.
• A quick way to tell if an avocado is too ripe is to remove the stem. This allows you to look inside the avocado to see if it's yellow (which is good to eat) or black (which is too ripe).

Price: $7.19
  • Brand new officially licensed calendar
  • Keep track of time in style all year long
  • Ships quickly and safely in a protective envelope

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